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About IG Downloader

Still wasting time on softwares and apps to download Instagram media? Or taking screenshots and going on-screen recorders?
Here we have a solution, the IG downloader.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms all over the world where users share photos and videos to their accounts and any of their followers can see them. It's sure that you also have an Instagram account and have you ever been embarrassed by downloading photos and videos on Instagram? Yeah, it must be. because it's impossible to download any photos or videos directly. The thing you do is taking ss or using apps or softwares. But our IG downloader is the easiest and the most simple solution for this.

What is this IG Downloader?

IG downloader is an online Instagram media downloading tool in which users can download Instagram's original quality photos and videos in a few simple steps quickly. This lifetime-free tool will allow you to download any Instagram photo or a video to any of your devices doesn’t matter if it’s either an ios device, android device, or computer including windows or linux.

Only photos and videos can you download?

The answer is No. You also can use with Instagram stories, reels, and profile pictures.

IG Downloader includes Ig reel downloader for Instagram reels, ig story video downloader for Instagram story videos and ig downloader story for Instagram stories, and also ig photo profile downloader to save Instagram profile pictures. but it's very simple and easy.

Therefore our IG Downloader is an all-in-one free tool for you.

Is this very easy and simple? How?

IG Downloader online is very easy, simple, and quicker than other tools because you have only a few steps to follow here.

Steps to follow,

  1. Get the URL of the Instagram photo or video that you have to download.

    • Go on Instagram and open the photo or video that you want. Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the post. there you have it ‘COPY URL’.

  2. Go on IG Downloader and paste it to IG Downloader Input box. Click DOWNLOAD NOW.

    • After pasting the URL and go, you will get a preview of the photo, or video.

  3. Click on DOWNLOAD. Here you'll get to download it.

    • The image will download and save in seconds.


What are the advantages of choosing Downloader IG?

  • It's very easy, simple, and quick
  • 3 Steps downloader
  • Download all Instagram media from one tool
  • IG Downloader no watermark
  • Download original quality media

IG downloader stories, IG Reel downloader, and IG Photo profile downloader

Here also only you have to do is follow 3 Steps as same as downloading photos. Get the profile URL and go with it to download profile photos.

FAQ about IG Downloader

Is it legal to save Instagram photos and videos?

Yes, It is legal until you start using other people’s photos and images for commercial purposes. You can use downloaded content for personal use only.

Where can I find downloaded IG Downloader images?

You can find the all downloaded photos in the “Downloads” folder on your PC. The same is for phone storage. Plus saved photos will appear in your phone gallery immediately.

Can use this online Instagram Downloader to save private accounts’ contents?

No. Unfortunately, downloading content from personal Instagram accounts is impossible.

How to download Instagram media in original quality?

If the video or image you want to download has HD resolution, then on our IG Downloader you can download the videos or images with full HD as it is on Instagram.

Can I save other than video content on this IG Downloader online?

Yes, you can download Instagram reels, save Instagram stories, and you can download Instagram DP online.

So don’t wait anymore, try this simple, free, online Instagram downloader to get the best experience in downloading Instagram media files. And, don’t forget to share this site with your friends.

DownloadGram is not in any way associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, administered by Instagram. We don’t host any pirated/ copyright content on the web server. Instagram videos and Instagram photos are directly downloaded from Instagram CDN servers.