About W3toys Online

W3toys is one of the other online media which allows you to download Instagram photos and Instagram videos. So you can store this W3toys downloader tool in your libraries also. As well as W3toys will download your favorite photos and videos from Instagram in high-resolution format. W3toys is a totally free online Instagram downloader for all Instagram users and you can download your media content without installing any software or apps in MP4 format.

If you are already an Instagram user, we think you probably know how many users use Instagram to share their photos and videos daily. It’s a large amount and you can get an idea about the value of Instagram as a social media platform. As we told you before there isn’t any method to download Instagram photos and videos. DownloadGram is a free online tool for you and W3toys helps you for a better experience in downloading process of photos and videos without installing any software or application.

What was the reason for introducing the W3toys?

There was very big trouble for all Instagram users. Because they can’t download any of the media content including photos, videos, stories, and reels from Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download Instagram photos and Instagram videos onto their hard disk. Also, Instagram users can’t download their own posted photos and videos from the Instagram app or Instagram website. So it was a big problem among Instagram users. That is the reason why W3toys launched to the world. And, W3toys will help you to take a backup of your Instagram account and offline all your uploaded Instagram files. As well as it is the best online free Instagram downloader tool for you to convert and download from Instagram.

Important features of W3toys Online

  • W3toys will be a completely free Instagram downloader tool for you forever
  • You can download Instagram videos fast by using it
  • It will give you full HD quality download as like you uploaded on Instagram before
  • W3toys comes with a very user-friendly interface
  • It can work with any device that you have. Even it will be an Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linus, or any other
  • You don’t need to signup or login to use W3toys

How can you use W3toys as an Instagram Downloader Tool?

If you want to download Instagram photos or videos, you can use W3toys to do it and we are sure that this site will be a magical solution for you. You can follow the bellowing step guide to download Instagram videos easily.

  1. Visit Intagram.com can select the video that you want to download from Instagram

    Instagram post options - W3toys

  2. Then copy the video’s URL

    Instagram post copy link - W3toys

  3. And, paste the copied URL into the above W3toys textbox

    W3toys input box

  4. After that, press the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button

    W3toys Istagram Downloader

  5. Press again "DOWNLOAD" button
  6. Wait a few seconds to complete the video downloading process

So this will be a really awesome and excellent Instagram downloader tool for every DownloadGram user. If you think that the DownloadGram is a helpful site for you, please don’t forget to share your ideas with your social media friends.

DownloadGram is not in any way associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, administered by Instagram. We don’t host any pirated/ copyright content on the web server. Instagram videos and Instagram photos are directly downloaded from Instagram CDN servers.