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About Instagram Downloader Online

Instagram is one of the best Instagram Downloader for you. It will help you to download photos and videos online from Instagram and it never asks you to install any application or software to work with it. And, it’s completely free too also. Instagram downloader available online for you and it’s a very user-friendly tool for all Instagram users. Instagram downloader will allow you to download photos, videos, IGTV videos, slideshow posts, reels videos, multi photos, and muti videos.

It is simple to use and the only thing that you need is to copy the link from Instagram and paste it into our input box, then the Instagram downloader will fetch a downloadable link for you. As we know well, Instagram is a popular social media platform in today’s world. But there is an error about downloading photos and videos from Instagram. That’s why Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download photos and videos onto their hard disk from its platform. But don’t worry. We have another option for doing it easily. Yes. Instagram downloader. This will solve your problem instantly.

Important features of Instagram Downloader

The Instagram Downloader comes with many features and it will help you to download Insta photos and videos for offline use. It will save photos and videos from Instagram using mp4 or JPG files.

  • Instagram Downloader can download all the Insta media content directly
  • It doesn’t ask you to login or signup for downloading Instagram photos and videos
  • You can use this tool with any of your devices
  • The only thing that you need for this is a browser to browse our website
  • Instagram Downloader is a quite secure tool
  • It can download multiple photos and videos online from Instagram

How do you use Instagram Downloader?

When you see your favorite photo or video from Instagram, you almost think to download it on your device. But the bad thing is, Instagram doesn’t allow you to download them directly into your hard disk. So what should you do? Yes, Instagram Downloader. We give you the best option for download Insta photos and videos online. How does it work?

Here are some simple steps to do it easily from DownloadGram.

  1. Visit Instagram application or website
  2. Select a photo or video that you want to download into your device
  3. Then copy the URL of it
  4. After that, paste that copied link into the above-given input box
  5. Press the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button
  6. Wait a few seconds to complete the downloading process

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