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Instagram is a popular social media and entirely visual platform for all of the people in the world. And, it is a photo-sharing application that always allows its users to share photos and videos with their followers. But do you ever try it out to download photos and videos from Instagram? If the answer will be yes, you already know that it is an impossible thing to do. So How to Download Instagram Photos and videos? If you are an Instagram user you already probably have this question in your mind.

DownloadGram is one of the best online Instagram downloader tools which you can use to download Instagram photos and videos online. This Instagram downloader will help you to download Instagram Photos and videos very simply and quickly within a single click.

What is DownloadGram?

DownloadGram is a totally free online Instagram downloader tool for users and it helps you to download Instagram photos and videos easily and quickly. DownloadGram is a very user-friendly tool for all users and it allows you to download and save Instagram photos and videos to any device such as a smartphone including iOS, Android, iPhone,iPad, the computer including Windows, Mac, Linux, and tablet.

Does DownloadGram work for any web browser? Yes. Of course. DownloadGram is an excellent tool that can download Instagram photos and videos from Instagram accounts through any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, CM, Dolphin, UC, etc. But remember that Insta accounts should be public and not private to use this photo and video downloader tool.

You can download and save multi photos and multi videos From downloadGram. So try it out now!

Why use DownloadGram?

You ever wonder why you should use DownloadGram.You know what, more than 100 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every 24 hours by Instagram users. You can get an idea about how it is really large. And so many people all over the world use Instagram for sharing selfie photos, natural images, video clips, photo or video albums, and IGTV live streaming.

But Instagram doesn’t allow their users to save or download Instagram photos and videos offline in the memory card or hard disk from their platform. So If you really want to save Instagram photos or videos, an Instagram photo downloader, and Instagram video downloader will be the best option for your problem. DownloadGram will be helpful for you to get an excellent experience on Instagram by saving photos and videos.

Features of DownloadGram

DownloadGram comes with so many valuable features for its users. If you like to know more details about this amazing Instagram downloader tool here are the main key features of DownloadGram.

  • Download Instagram photos and videos directly
  • Totally free forever
  • Download Instagram photos and videos within one click
  • Multi photo and video download
  • No need to download any app or software

How to download photos & videos from Instagram?

We already told you the best way to download photos and videos from Instagram. It’s not difficult now. You can use Insta downloader to do it quickly and easily. DownloadGram is the best Instagram downloader tool to save Insta online on your smartphone or PC in just a single click. Once you paste the link and click on the download button, you should have to choose the location to save Instagram files on your hard drive.

Normally Instagram photos are in JPG format and Instagram videos are in MP4 file format.

What is the process to download photos and videos from Instagram?

  1. As the first step, visit Instagram app or website

    Instagram post options - DownloadGram

  2. Copy Instagram photos or videos URL that you want to download

    Instagram post copy link - DownloadGram

  3. Then go to DownloadGram, the online Instagram downloader
  4. Paste copied URL into the input box
  5. Click on the “DOWNLOAD" button
  6. Wait for few seconds to convert Instagram files to JPG/MP4 automatically and Then scroll download to the media preview
  7. Finally, press on the “ DOWNLOAD” button to start the downloading process
If you want to download more Instagram photos and videos, you can go to the “Download more” option and download unlimited Instagram media files for free.

How to Download Instagram Photos Using DownloadGram?

If you want to save or download any photo or video on Instagram, you need an Insta downloader like DownloadGram to do it easily. So how to download Instagram Photos? DownloadGram will solve that big trouble as soon as your eyes close. Here is the simple step guide to download photos from Instagram.

  1. First, visit
  2. Then select the photo that you want to download from Instagram
  3. Copy that photo’s URL from the address bar or menu section
  4. Go to the DownloadGram
  5. Then paste the copied link into the input area which is in DownloadGram online tool
  6. Press the “DOWNLOAD" button
  7. Then you can get a preview of the selected Instagram photo
  8. After that press again on the” DOWNLOAD” button
  9. Finally, the Insta photo will download automatically.

If you want to download Instagram photo albums (multiple photos), you can use the same process to do it easily. DownloadGram sports for multi download in a single one-click also.

How to Download Instagram Videos Using DownloadGram?

DownloadGram is the best option to download videos from Instagram. And, it will be a helpful online Insta downloader tool like gramsave and w3toys. DownloadGram is totally free for all users and it is an Instagram account holder to offline any video from Instagram.

You can use the below step guide to download Insta videos through DownloadGram.
  1. As the first step, go to
  2. Then find out the video that you want to download from Instagram
  3. Copy the video’s URL from the address bar or video's options section
  4. Next, paste the copied link into the input box in Downloadgram
  5. Press the “DOWNLOAD” button
  6. After that you will the thumbnail of that selected video
  7. Then press again on the “DOWNLOAD” button
  8. Wait a few seconds to complete the downloading process

If you want to download Instagram video albums (multiple videos), You can use the same process to do it with a single click.

How to Download IGTV Videos Using DownloadGram?

As Instagram users, we all really love short videos from the IGTV section. If you are already an Instagram user you know that it’s impossible to download live IGTV. Once finished the live streaming process you may gain access to IGTV videos. You can use IGTV downloader to download IGTV videos through DownloadGram. It is an online tool that is helpful for you to download IGTV videos easily.

How does IGTV downloader work? Exactly, this tool has a simple process like Insta photo download and Insta video downloader. You should follow the same step guide that we showed for Instagram video downloading to use IGTV downloader by using DownloadGram.

But remember that you have to get full responsibility to avoid repost or reshare downloaded Instagram videos and Instagram photos without the owner’s permission. Because it’s an illegal thing to share someone's copyrighted photo, video, or any other media.